Thursday, September 17, 2009

Italy to Paris to London

We left Florence on the overnight train to Paris,
after a walk about to the sights and a trip to the From Arc d'triomph
top of the Arc d'triomph, we took the Chunnel Train
to London.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Travel in Tuscany

Here I am in Italy, I arrived on Wednesday in Rome with Alice, it is a working trip, if you can call this work. We are taking 40 people to villa in Tuscany in March of 2010, so we are here now to set up dinners and lunches at various restaurants in Montalcino, Lucca, Contignano and others. We planed 6 days to do this and got it done in 2 1/2, rather then go home early, (ha ha) we stayed and enjoyed ourselves.

Left, Here I am in with Giaccomo Puccini in his birth town in Lucca.
Right, In front of the Duomo of Orveito

Saturday, August 29, 2009

I'm Baaaaaaack

Around Lake Champlain at Essex Junction Vermont. Alice and I spent 4 days at a motor coach rally here before heading to Quebec City, Canada.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

......on the road again

I left Sonny and Brother in Sunny/Snowy Crosby and headed West on I-10. Getting out of Sonny's driveway was a little tricky, since I couldn't turn around, I had to back out. I gave Sonny one of my rodios and had him talk me out while he also stopped traffic, in both directions. I got out with very little delay of the traffic.

The Crosby Firemans Parade was the next delay for me, no big deal, about 10 minutes, after that there was the delay getting onto I-10, the ramp was closed so I had to go East for a few miles then I found a West bound ramp.

The Pyrmids of I-10

The Windmills of I-10

Thursday, December 11, 2008

I left Long Island to Avoid This

Snow in Crosby, Texas. As you can see I'm not in Florida. It started to snow just as I arrived at Sonny's at about 8:00 PM on Wednesday the 10th. I have seen gas as low as $1.32 and as high as $1.79, diesel is $2.32 to $2.79. I called Joe and Anne and invited myself for a visit, they agreed, so I will.

Sonny and I walked around his property to take a look at the back yard.

In Alabama but Texas Bound

I left Palm bay on Tuesday at 1:30PM, I tried Monday night to make an entry here for an hour, every time I attempted to upload a picture it would not work, I'll try again. I am at a truck stop in Alabama. There, now it worked.
At this writing I am in Sonny's driveway in Crosby Texas wit three inches of snow on the ground and bright sun in the sky, pictures to follow, I hope.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

A Drive To West Palm Beach

Today grandma and I decided to take the one & a half hour drive South to visit with Tommy, Leslie & Reef in West Palm Beach. During our visit Tommy had to leave to pick up David at the West Palm airport, David is working with Tommy for two weeks. After a take out dinner of Chinese, Grandma and I drove back to Palm Bay.

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